You are going to see very very few pictures of me on my own website

I will post a few once in a while. They will be a few fun ones now and then. 

This was taken during the North Aurora Days Emergency Vehicle show.

I am based out of the Minneapolis  / St. Paul metropolitan region of Minnesota.  I travel around the state quite often, and may be visiting your area sometime soon.

 I've been an EMT, an Explosive Detection Canine Officer 
and now work in Corporate Security, but my whole
life I couldn't shake the photography bug. I've always wanted to
take great pictures, not only for me but really to capture the beauty
of the moment in whatever I was photographing.

  I'm looking for ways to expand
my abilities and am always keeping an eye out for new and interesting

While most photographs I take are portraits or nature shots, I enjoy  
shooting cars, architecture, pets, and pretty much everything else.